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las shou sugi ban
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discover with us the beauty of wood made in the Shou Sugi Ban technique

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Our products

Below are a few words about our products. However, there are many more ways to use them. Surprise us with your ingenuity

facade board

Finish the facade of your home with amazing shades of Shou Sugi Ban board. The color spectrum is really wide. The boards are resistant to fungi, UV rays and, most importantly, look great both in summer and winter.

shou sugi ban board

Take advantage of the opportunity to finish your interior with a product that is unusual and will certainly delight your guests. Fired wood gives endless possibilities and is a great alternative to slats, coffers or all kinds of wood imitations.

Terrace Board

Terrace Board

A great alternative to raw boards and composites. The Shou Sugi Ban wood impregnation method makes the terrace board very resistant to moisture and fungi, and just think about its amazing appearance, and the decision which material to choose will be clear.

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